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About the Book

About Citizen Mitten

A cat version of Marley and Me? No, at least that was never the goal. In fact, I never read Grogan’s best seller while writing the story of Mitten, and how this craziest of cats nearly drove the whole family nuts.

How crazy was the little guy? Let’s see … I had to extract him from more than one major appliance, he would roll in dirt and essentially change 
color, he would actually hide from us, outside he would play detective, flatten his ears and turn into “stealth Mitten,” and oh, if things weren’t going his way, a chomp on a human finger was sometimes in order. The kids will never admit it, but we all loved him dearly for the nearly 20 years he was with us, but from the beginning, it was not hard to figure why someone abandoned Mitten as a kitten; he was just so nutty.

The kids said he needed someone just as nutty to care for him; he needed me.

The chapter titles below give a flavor for how silly we all were. This book is mostly fun, but it has its sadness. It hits you here and there, how Laurie and I truly believe that when you get that puppy or kitty, you also get something quite profound and important … you get the responsibility of helping your pet end its life humanely if you can. And you get that pet for its lifetime, not to be sent packing to solve a mere inconvenience. We have lost many cats, dogs and horses, and some deaths are chronicled in these pages. There’s an important chapter devoted to cancer in dogs, which is all too common today.

But it’s mostly good stuff, fun stuff, nutty stuff, Mitten stuff! It features both cats and dogs, so you dog lovers will find things to chew on.  I know you’ll enjoy Citizen Mitten

Bill Voedisch

Table of Contents

A note from Mitten
Cast of Characters

The recovery cat 
Oak trees and acorns
How Mitten found me or, Runnin’ the “drape relays” 
“Wherefore art thou Mitten?”
“Quiet, Mitten. It’s Mrs. Johnson!”
Head butts and nursing stations 
The bad traveler 

Pictures! . . . 37 color pictures

Mitten goes to a sales meeting 
The boxing cat 
The best defense? . . . flat ears! 
The killer trout 
“IN or OUT, young man?” 
Poop du jour
Airport welcoming committee 
Cat bagpipes
Recording a cat 
Watch dogs? 
“Get up, you slugs.” 
Pokay the wonder cat 
The golden bond 
Vitamin hockey 
The family Christmas photo 
Mother Katie 
Dying without dignity 
Bailey and the blade 
The dog who loves cats 
Asthma and allergies 
We say goodbye 
Life after death . . . The Rainbow Bridge 
Mitten again?